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Regulated & Variable Speed Air Compressors

  • Cut energy costs by up to 35% with the energy-saving benefits of a variable speed compressor.
  • The input energy of a variable speed compressor matches the output of compressed air, meaning you only use what you need to.
  • No need to unload – saving time, energy and money!
Regulated & Variable Speed Air Compressors

Conserving energy is one of the most important factors any business working with air compressors must consider. The majority of energy loss in a factory or plant comes from wasted energy in an air compressor system. Energy efficient solutions are always at the forefront of ACB North’s concerns. Variable speed air compressors are one way to reduce energy costs and maximise efficiency.

Variable speed air compressors are designed to save energy by matching the output with the demand created. In this way, the input energy can self-fluctuate to match the output demand. Thus, the only energy that is used in a variable speed compressor is the energy that is required to do the job, minimising waste drastically. When demand for compressed air reduces in the system, the motor will slow down and the power consumption will be reduced.

In comparison, a fixed speed compressor will either be operating at full throttle or off, with no in-between. They produce a fixed amount of air per minute, which is beneficial if that exact amount of air is required for your application, however, this is often not the case. As a variable speed compressor is only running at the required speed for the air output needs, no unnecessary energy is wasted. A variable air compressor will reduce energy use and provide savings of up to 30%. When compressed air is often the most expensive part of a plant’s business, energy cutting techniques like variable speed rotary screw compressors, for instance, are an invaluable and indispensable addition to your company.

As the rotation speed of a variable speed air compressor is reduced to the point where it matches the exact output of compressed air used in the downstream equipment, variable speed units do not need to run unloaded as a traditional fixed system does. Fixed speed compressors run unloaded due to the stress a start-up would put on the motor. Running unloaded means the compressor is still running but no compressed air is being produced. The negative aspect to this is that the compressor is still using energy without producing any valuable output, causing energy loss and increasing power bills. A variable speed compressor system will avoid this problem and increase efficiency, productivity and reduce downtime.

Whilst regulated and variable speed compressors both have their advantages, a combination of both in a large plant can be the most cost-effective solution. Variable speed air compressors can even be retrofitted to existing machines or used in conjunction with other fixed and variable units.

To find out if a variable speed compressor could reduce your energy costs and increase your efficiency, speak to an expert at ACB North today on 0114 398 4488 to get more information.

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