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Compressor Controllers

  • Maximise overall efficiency with a multi controller management system.
  • Allowing you to manage up to 12 compressors at once, minimising waste and energy loss.
  •  Receive alerts, fault notifications and warning messages remotely from the controller.
Compressor Controllers

Well managed control of your system can alleviate some of the high bills associated with energy loss and inefficiency. A multi-controller system provides a total system solution, giving you complete control over multiple compressors at once. Not only does the multi controller system allow you to manage multiple compressor systems, it is also possible to connect other equipment such as filters, dryers and condense drains, giving you full control of the entire installation.

The controller systems are operated via a touch screen panel that gives the operator a full overview of their entire system including the network pressure, pressure range and compressed air consumption. The comprehensive overview, including downstream equipment, gives you the knowledge to improve the overall network performance. The system can handle vast amounts of data due to its large memory capacity and can be operated remotely, giving you the freedom to access data from any single location.

Compressor controllers provide real time monitoring and a round the clock system that is reliable and resourceful. The technology can even send warning messages or highlight faults in the system via alarms, including the exact time the fault occurred. This type of control is extremely valuable as the operator has the tools and knowledge to ensure the installation is always functioning at optimum performance levels. Continuous monitoring through the use of a multi compressor controller can result in considerable savings.

This type of system is extremely convenient for the system controller as it allows them to control multiple systems at once. Additionally, the controller is easy to install, set up and operate, providing a resourceful way to manage your operation. The improved efficiency of your installation provides a quick return of investment and can save up to 30% of the cost of energy used to power an air compressor installation.

Gardner Denver provide two controller systems to choose from:

SmartAir Lite

  • controls up to 4 compressors.
  • controls pressure band to optimise performance
  • compatible with multiple brands and models

SmartAir Master

  • manages the work of up to 12 compressors (fixed or regulated speed)
  • equalises the running hours for economic servicing
  • reduces wasted energy

Multi controllers provide maximum efficiency and minimised maintenance. The versatile system has a range of benefits and could help make your entire operation more productive and profitable. To find out more about multi controller technology, get in contact with ACB North today or enquire online here.

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