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Air End & Motor Refurbishment

  • High-quality refurbishment of rotary vane, scroll, screw or piston air ends and motors.
  • Only use genuine replacement parts, oils and lubricants.
  •  Repair or replace damaged bearings, O rings, seals and gaskets.
Air End & Motor Refurbishment

ACB North can fully refurbish worn down air ends and broken motors to get your compressor working at full capacity again and save on the price of a complete system overhaul. Refurbishment allows us to fix your air end or motor so that it is as good as new, extending machine life and improving performance quality. ACB North guarantee to only use genuine replacement parts, oils and lubricants when repairing or refurbishing machinery, ensuring the integrity of your system and giving you peace of mind.

Air ends are the screw element of a compressor, it’s the part of the machine where the actual compression will take place and so it is an extremely important part of the system. A worn down, old air end will not be performing in the most energy efficient way and could be costing additional unnecessary money. Compression requires power, this is usually supplied by a motor. Not enough power will mean your system is not running effectively, it is therefore important that your motor is functioning to a high standard. A humming noise from your machine may indicate the need for a motor refurbishment. Professional advice from our trained engineers at ACB North will be provided upon initial assessment and if an air end or motor refurbishment is possible, it will be recommended to you.

Re-building an air end will provide a cost effective solution to upgrade an old operating machine. Air compressors are expensive and re-building an air end can extend the service life of a compressor system dramatically. Whether it be rotary vane, scroll, screw or piston, the air end and motor are integral parts of the system that require expert upkeep.

These components can become damaged due to heat, poor lubricant quality or just down to usage. A typical air end will last around 40,000 hours of usage, so it may need to be replaced or refurbished from time to time. A damaged air end and motor would ultimately lead to decreased efficiency, or in the worst-case scenario, system failure.

We can re-manufacture these parts to OEM specification and have them working as if new again in no time, decreasing downtime for your operation. We carry genuine new bearings, O rings, seals and gaskets in our factories to ensure a speedy turnaround and high quality refurbishment. We then quality check and test the air end or motor to guarantee its continued performance, reliability and efficiency.

ACB North have been trusted by many to repair and refurbish critical air compressor components. We have expert knowledge in the field and provide a hassle-free service with amazing results. What’s more, we provide extended warranties on all of our air end repairs, giving you additional peace of mind. To find out more about compressor air end and motor refurbishment, give us a call on 0114 398 4488.

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