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Compressed Air Monitoring with iConn

  • Real-time, in-depth monitoring for your compressed air installation. 
  • Smart technology to provide key information about your system in any location via desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Preventive maintenance to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.
Compressed Air Monitoring with iConn

The latest innovation in technology from industry leader Gardner Denver is iConn. Always striving to use advancements in technology to enhance the industry, Gardner Denver have created a system that uses a digital platform to provide real-time monitoring of your compressed air system. Increased productivity with minimum energy loss is always the end goal for any operator of a compressed air system, iConn can help.

The smart system provides in-depth information about your compressed air system. Its real-time monitoring system provides detailed insights and statistics regarding your installation and all associated downstream equipment. It is available as standard on all new Gardner Denver systems and can be retrofitted to any existing systems if you think you would benefit from the valuable insight the technology provides. It can even support non-Gardner Denver products, meaning everyone can benefit from the control and peace of mind that iConn provides.

There are two different platforms to choose from based on the requirements of your application and the level of service you wish to receive:

iConn UNIVERSAL – this system will provide agnostic services to any unit, whether it is Gardner Denver or otherwise. iConn provides an OEM service for any compressor brand, delivering open-analytics and ensuring production runs smoothly.

iConn HD – this service allows for on-demand trend analysis and reporting. The system can even be customised to provide the exact data you want, providing tailored optimisation for any application.

iConn HD can be shipped with two additional options HD “Flow” and HD “Energy”. HD “Flow” utilises downstream flow sensors to enhance the system, allowing the system to monitor pressure, temperature and flow across multiple components. HD “Energy” provides additional energy usage information, allowing you to compare consumption across multiple systems.

So, how does it work? iConn devices can be connected to controllers for data transfer via GMS, ethernet or Wi-Fi. The system uses a cloud-based database which is secure and reliable to store all gathered data and statistics. This data can be accessed from any single location through the use of a desktop PC, tablet or mobile connected to the internet.

There are many benefits associated with using an iConn system; first and foremost, it increases efficiency and productivity by giving you control! The valuable real-time monitoring that iConn provides allows you to have full access to a wealth of information regarding your installation. It can measure quality, pressure, temperature as well as many other factors that determine the overall success of your system. iConn gives you the ability to collect data, identify risks, monitor energy consumption and reduce downtime, all in one place.

iConn is an easy-to-use digital platform that could be a great benefit to many industrial applications. Contact ACB North on 0114 398 4488 to discuss iConn and compressed air monitoring today.

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