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Compressed Air Leak Detection & Surveys

  • Identify leaks in air compressor system and fix the issue quickly and efficiently.
  • Fast payback through energy savings and cut costs on bills.
  • State-of-the-art ultrasonic leak detection technology.
Compressed Air Leak Detection & Surveys

Compressed air is costly; leaks in your system could be raising your bills even more. You may not realise it, but even the smallest leak in your air compressor equipment could add thousands of pounds to your bills, if untreated over time. Leaks in the system not only cost you money but waste huge amounts of energy too, ultimately draining resources. For example, a leak with a hole diameter of 0.50mm could yield a cost of £26 a week, if unresolved, this figure would continue to spiral.

ACB North recommend regular leak detection surveys to minimise the risk of major leaks occurring in your system. We can detect leaks in compressed air systems, vacuum installations, pipe systems and tanks. A leak anywhere in your system is costly, so we make sure to check your entire equipment to ensure all areas are functioning correctly, leak-free.

As well as expertly trained engineers with the know-how, we have the latest equipment to carry out our surveys. We follow the latest advancements in industry technology to ensure all of our equipment is up to scratch and technologically advanced. Our ultrasonic compressed air and gas leak detectors allow us to transform normally inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible sound. A leak will make a typical ‘hissing’ sound, however, the noise of the operating machinery in your factory or plant will often render this sound inaudible. Our ultrasonic detectors allow us to make this sound audible through the operator’s headphones without having to switch off your system and cause unnecessary losses because of company downtime.

Our advanced equipment can accurately pinpoint the exact place the leak is occurring from as well as the size of the leak. Our engineers will be able to use this information as well as their assessment and survey of your entire operation to calculate the impact of each leak on your system. They will be able to accurately estimate the loss of energy occurring due to the leak and will offer expert recommendations on how to rectify the problem.

A full report is created by our staff that documents all leaks and provides valuable information on the size of the problem they are causing. We can estimate the rate at which leaks are occurring and the resulting cost to you and your business. It is then up to you to decide on a strategy based on our recommendations. If you choose to have your system repaired, our staff will be on hand to help organise this for you as efficiently and quickly as possible, reducing the amount of time your system continues to leak.

We recommend regular servicing alongside air audits to provide preventative maintenance to your system and reduce the risk of leaks occurring. Get in contact with ACB North today to find out more about our fantastic services at 0114 398 4488.

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