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Air Compressor Heat Recovery

  • Save energy and money by finding a use for excess heat produced by your compressor.
  • Professional installation of an integrated recovery system to extract hot water for heating systems or other application processes.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
Air Compressor Heat Recovery

You may be surprised to hear that over 90% of the electrical input into your air compressor is wasted as heat. Air compressors produce massive amounts of heat as a byproduct of the process. Before the compressed air gets distributed into the system, the heat it has produced gets extracted by the motor and cooling system and is released into the atmosphere as waste. Massive reductions in energy bills could be achieved if this heat is recovered and put to use elsewhere in your factory.

A cheap and easy way to do this is the installation of a ducting system. Made out of thick metal, ducting systems allow for air to be removed from an area and vented to another. Ducting could allow you to move wasted heat to other areas of your plant where the heat could be put to good use. For example, ducting could be used to manoeuvre heated air to other parts of the factory to provide a viable heating solution or to power space heating, saving energy costs on heating your plant.

A more advanced technological solution to heat recovery is the full installation of an integrated heat recovery system. A heat recovery system is fitted to your installation and allows all of the wasted heat from the air compressor to be released in the form of heated water. This hot water can be used as steam to power other processes in your workplace that require heat. By using the wasted heat your air compressor has produced, you not only save yourself money but also save the environment through massive reductions in CO2 emissions.

Finding a way to recycle the excess heat inevitably works to your advantage. As the heat you generate in your air compressor will need cooling by fans if not used, you will have to pay for this part of the process too. Reusing the heated air to power a multitude of other applications in your plant is a cost-effective and ethical use of a valuable byproduct.

The benefits of installing an integrated heat recovery system with ACB North are manyfold. It will result in lower CO2 emissions being released from your factory as well as providing significant cost savings. The low investment cost of the system means that it will often return a payback within one to three years of having the system installed. We are even able to retrofit heat recovery units to older systems, including all the pipework and fittings. It is never too late to start thinking about how you can conserve energy and increase efficiency.

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