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Air Audits

  • Professional air audits available carried out by our team of highly trained engineers.
  • Detailed full report provided, highlighting findings and recommendations.
  • Identify key areas where energy efficiency can be improved.
Air Audits

For compressed air output to be of optimum quality, your system must be performing perfectly. Sometimes small factors such as an air leak, oil or water vapour in the system or heat loss can be causing massive losses in resources, resulting in poorer performance and higher bills for you! An air audit from ACB North could be a valuable way to identify problem areas that are consuming energy and increasing expenses. If you are looking to upgrade or improve your current system, an air audit is a great place to start as it will provide you with valuable data and metrics that will allow us to identify areas to improve within your system. Even if you want to entirely replace your system, an air audit is still beneficial as we can see what was not working in your current system and ensure your new installation is better suited to your application needs.

An air audit, performed by our highly trained team of qualified professionals, will give you key pointers on areas to increase efficiency and cut costs within your organisation by examining the air supply and demand. All air compressor systems have a supply side and a demand side. Each side performs differently and certain factors affect the system’s effectiveness. The supply side should always produce and then store air at a high pressure. On the demand side, however, the system should run at the lowest necessary pressure. An air audit can identify areas on each side where improvements could be made to maximise performance. On the supply side, technology, monitoring and controls can be improved. On the demand side, areas that could need improvement include system dynamics and artificial demand. ACB North will even include air leak detection as part of our air audit service.

Once complete, a full report on the findings from our air audit will be provided. We will present the results alongside our detailed recommendations for future improvements. Our air audits monitor amps, volts, kW and air pressure as well as other factors such as temperature and airflow to provide accurate measurements of your entire system. From these results, we can assess your overall energy usage and efficiency and identify problem areas that could be improved. All data is collated into an easy-to-read audit report. Regular audit reports will allow you to track progress and see how modifications to your system have helped to resolve issues with product quality and efficiency.

A professional air audit conducted by ACB North will help you to determine a compressed air strategy for future improvements and developments, ensuring your system is always following modern advances in technology and performing at optimum level. If you would like further information on what our air audits involve or would like to book an audit, please give one of our service-trained staff members a call on 0114 398 4488.

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