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Screw Vacuum Pump

Advantages at a glance

  • Dry running
  • High vacuum in one stage
  • Application-specific options
  • Short evacuation time due to high suction capacities
  • Insensitive against water shocks

Screw vacuum pumps from Elmo Rietschle are dry running and represent state-of-the-art oil free technology. They excel when it comes to offering a small carbon footprint with low life cycle costs and are relied on in many industrial applications across the globe. 

Screw operating principle

Screw pumps are one of the most popular and versatile technologies on the market. The tried-and-tested design works on a positive displacement principle and consists of two screw-shaped rotors turning in the compressor housing with very tight clearances. The rotors are synchronised with a precision gear.

Due to the opposite rotation of the screws in the compression housing, the chamber connected to the suction port is enlarged and gas is transported into the chamber. Then the chamber moves axially from the suction side to the pressure side, conveying the gas to the outlet. 

Advantages of screw technology

Screw vacuums are dry compression gas transfer pumps that use two intermeshing rotors to move gas along the screw axis. They are a long-trusted technology and have proven their reliability and durability over years of use in industrial vacuum applications. 

They are robust and sturdy pumps that have no contacting parts and require very little maintenance and servicing. Plus, they offer remarkably low life cycle costs! A great perk for business owners. 

Additional benefits of screw technology include: 

  • High tolerance against water vapour, dirt, and dust particles
  • High pumping speeds
  • No contamination to the medium being pumped
  • Non-contacting, frictionless rotation meaning rotor wear is eliminated 
  • High efficiency
  • Low operational cost and maintenance requirements
  • Easily optimised for process requirements 
  • Simple and rugged design


The S-VSI pump from Elmo Rietschle can achieve an ultimate vacuum of 0.08 mbar (abs.) and has a wide performance range, operating at any pressure between end vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

The oil and contract-free operation means no lubrication is needed in the pumping chamber, meaning customers benefit from no process contamination and no pollution caused by the pump. It also boasts high vapour and liquid tolerance, easy serviceability, and low rotational speeds which ensure the pump is low noise and low vibration during operation. 

Industries & applications

Elmo Rietscle screw pumps are primarily used in industrial applications where reliable, clean, oil free vacuum is required. For very high suction capabilities, they can even be combined with a vacuum booster in centralised vacuum systems. 

Common uses include:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry – cooling, degassing, distillation, drying, evaporation, fractionation, impregnation 
  • Food industry 
  • Industrial applications – cleaning, coating, drying, dust extraction systems 
  • Industrial furnaces 
  • Packaging industry
  • Electronics 
  • Solar technology – cell lamination, glass plate handling

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