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Claw Vacuum Pumps

Advantages from a glance

  • Dry, contact-free operation
  • Process safe and reliable
  • No oil in the compression chamber
  • Frequency control available
  • Low sound level
  • No greasing of bearings

The C-Series claw vacuum pumps from Elmo Rietschle generate contact-free vacuum efficiently and economically. They perform on the principle of internal compression thanks to the dry running rotary claw design. This means that the gas is pre-compressed within the compression chamber and then discharged. They offer significant energy savings for many industries and their high efficiency and oil-free design means that they’re a popular choice in the vacuum pump market.

Innovative claw operating principle 

Claw vacuums operate on a static compression system. They have two rotors which turn in opposite directions encased in housing. The rotors have a very tight clearance and are kept synchronised by a precision gear. Gas is sucked into the chamber as the claw moves over the suction channel. As the rotor continues to revolve, the gas is moved from the suction side to the pressure size where it is compressed by reduction of volume. 

This “internal compression” leads to high differential pressures at efficiencies of more than 60%. This innovative technology means that Elmo Rietschle claw pumps offer increased efficiency compared to blowers without a design optimised for internal compression, translating into real energy savings for business owners. 

Additionally, the entire compression process is completely dry and wear-free. The pump is designed with special seals that separate the compression chamber from the gearbox and, as the rotors control the transportation of the gas by opening and closing the inlet and outlet, no sealing fluid is needed in the compression chamber, ensuring a completely dry process. 

Explosion-proof versions with reduced leakage are also available as well as ATEX compliant pumps!

Advantages of claw technology 

Claw vacuums offer many advantages to customers, including:

  • Energy efficient design – reduced energy consumption and low life cycle costs due to optimised airflow geometry and high performing IE3 motors. 
  • Variable speed – integrated frequency converters offer maximum control of suction and pressure, ensuring energy efficient operation. 
  • Long service life – long service intervals and maximum uptime. 
  • Low cost of ownership – oil change is only required after 20,000 operating hours, depending on the application.
  • Compact design – smallest footprint on the market for claw pumps.
  • 50% lower noise levels than traditional claw pumps.

Applications & industries

C-VLR pumps provide a wide spectrum of performance that is suited to a variety of industries, including:

  • Central vacuum systems 
  • Chemical industry – gas compression 
  • Environmental engineering – aeration, drying, dust extraction, gas compression, soil remediation 
  • Industrial applications – drying systems, dust extraction systems
  • Industrial furnaces 
  • Medical industry 
  • Packaging industry 
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Post-press applications – air supply cabinets, bookbinding machines, collating machines, cutting machines, folding machines 
  • Printing industry – air supply cabinets, central customised systems, drying machines, ionisation, rotary offset machines, sheet offset machines
  • Woodworking industry – clamping, dust extraction, holding

For class-leading energy efficiency, Elmo Rietschle claw pumps are first-rate. For more information on the C Series range, please click here to download the catalogue and view technical data and specifications. 

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