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Industrial pumps are an essential part of various processes in a range of applications and industries. They are typically used to move many different mediums and products including chemicals, petroleum, water, gases, waste water, oil, sludge & slurry, and food products. 

They are relied on by many industries and are the backbone of a majority of businesses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, printing & paper, food & beverage, textiles, and woodworking industries. 

Due to the varying nature of the fluids and gases that are used in different applications, industrial pumps are available in an array of sizes and shapes with various features and benefits. Many of them are positive displacement pumps that feature a rotary design. 

Positive displacement pumps 

Positive displacement machines work by trapping a fixed amount of the medium within a cavity of the pump and forcing it through the pump. The pumping action is cyclic and is driven by different elements in different technologies, these can be screws, pistons, gears, or vanes. The rotating element of the pump develops a liquid seal with the casing which creates suction at the pump inlet. Positive displacement pumps are well suited to applications involving highly viscous fluids such as thick oils and slurries, especially at high pressures. 


Rotary claw pumps are best known for their contamination-free operation as no oil is present in the vacuum mechanism. This means they are ideal for sensitive applications where dry performance is essential.

Claw technology is famed for its long service life, reduced downtime, and low maintenance design. The C Series of claw pumps from Elmo Rietschle feature a further optimisation in design which increases energy efficiency through the principle of internal compression. Find out more here

Liquid ring 

Liquid ring pumps are the perfect choice for industries where the pump is required to handle wet or humid processes. They are a safe and reliable choice for challenging processes and ensure that no limescale or abrasion damages the pump. 

The L Series features an especially durable design with corrosion-resistant stainless steel shafts to ensure maximum performance and minimum wear. Learn more about the L series here


Screw pumps can handle a wide range of flows, pressures, liquid types, and viscosities. They are robust, versatile, and durable machines that require little service and maintenance requirements due to the lack of contacting parts. Plus, low life cycle costs are another benefit of this technology. 

The S Series are dry running screw pumps with a high tolerance against water vapour, dirt, and dust particles. Find out more about the efficiency of the S Series here


Vane pumps are favoured across many industries for their reliable performance, ease of maintenance, and good suction characteristics over the service life of the pump. They are commonly used for a variety of industrial vacuum, pressure, and combine pressure and vacuum applications.

The V Series offers a choice of dry running and lubricated models that are robust and economical and cover a wide performance range. Find out more here

Choosing a pump 

Whether your industry is construction, agriculture, chemical, or food & beverage, selecting the right industrial pump is important for achieving cost effectiveness for your business.

ACB North are on hand to help with your purchasing decision, ensuring you select the perfect pump to suit your application and industry. Each technology comes with its own unique set of advantages and our expert staff can assist in matching these features and benefits to your requirements. All of our staff are engineering experts and can provide you with a solution tailored to your exact company needs. Give us a call on 0114 398 4488 to speak to a professional for advice. 

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