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Piston Compressors

  • Wide range of compressors suited to small, medium, and professional jobs.
  • Oil free and silenced models available.
  • Quick and easy purchase through our Champion web shop.
Piston Compressors

ACB North offers a complete range of piston compressors from industry experts, Champion. Champion manufactures expert air solutions for small to medium applications, providing products that offer amazing reliability and performance, even in the most demanding conditions. The Champion brand is known for its energy efficiency and reliability, at a fair and competitive price.

Piston Operating Principle

One of the oldest and most common types of industrial compressor on the market, piston technologies are known for their reliable, strong, and long-lasting performance. Using a displacement principle to increase the pressure of gas, piston compressors work by intaking gas that then flows into the compression cylinder where it gets compressed by a piston driven in a reciprocating motion via a crankshaft. The enclosed volume of gas is then discharged.

The Champion Range

Champion offers a diverse range of compressors suited to a variety of workshop and industrial uses, including:

  • Single-cylinder single-stage with direct transmission for small power outputs suitable for semi-professional uses.
  • Two-cylinder, single-stage with belt transmission for use in workshops.
  • Two-cylinder, two-stage with belt transmission for industrial use.

The two stage model is preferred if you wish to guarantee lower working temperatures. This is thanks to a cooling manifold between the first and second compression stage and a higher air delivery.

Base Series

Highly suited for hobby and semi-professional applications, this range of lubricated direct drive compressors come in a power range from 1.5 to 3 HP with receiver capacities from 3 to 100 litres and working pressures up to 9 Bar. 

Line Series

The Line series of belt driven lubricated compressors are ideal for semi-professional and light industrial usage. Entirely manufactured in the EU, this series is available in power range 2 to 20 HP with tank capacity ranging from 25 to 900 litres and pressures up to 11 Bar.

Pro Series

The Pro series is a comprehensive range of belt driven lubricated compressors suited for professional and industrial use. The series is defined by superior longevity and high construction quality. It is available in a power range of 2 to 30 HP with tank capacity ranging from 25 to 900 litres and pressures up to 11 Bar.

Advanced Series

For best-in-class performance, this series is designed to satisfy the demands of highly professional and industrial applications. Advanced series represents the best in range and offers strong assembly, innovative technical solutions, and excellence in detail and design. Power range available from 2 to 30 HP with tank capacity ranging from 22 to 900 litres and pressures up to 15 Bar.

Engine Series

A comprehensive range of Honda petrol engine driven lubricated compressors incorporating the cast iron pump unit. Made in the EU with power ranges from 4 to 9 HP and tank capacities of 22 to 270 litres and pressures up to 10 Bar.

Silenced Series

This series of silenced belt driven lubricated compressors are designed to meet the needs of industrial applications where low noise levels are critical. Available in a power range of 5.5 to 15 HP and working pressures up to 11 Bar with or without a refrigerated dryer.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Durable high quality pistons designed for a longer working life and better performance
  • Wide range to suit a variety of applications
  • Oil-free models available
  • Silenced models available

If you’re interested in Champion products, please visit our Champion web shop, which lets you buy the products you need, in just the click of a button! Of course, if you require advice before purchasing, please contact us directly for guidance from our highly trained engineers.

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