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Why Choose an Oil Free Air Compressor? 

Oil free air compressors are a popular choice for industries where air purity is a critical requirement. They guarantee no use of oil in the compression chamber, therefore ensuring a completely contaminant-free operation with the right use of filtration downstream. 

Opting for an oil free technology (instead of a lubricated model) is a wise choice if your industry has specific regulations or requirements surrounding air quality. Dry designs give business owners peace of mind that their end product will be protected from contamination, eliminating the risk of costly product recalls.

Additional customer benefits include: 

  • Low operating costs

Save on the costs of replacement lubricants as well as separators, downstream filtration, and condense treatment accessories.

  • Low maintenance

Less moving parts means there is fewer potential areas where damage or other problems could occur, thus extending maintenance margins and increasing uptime.

  • Environmentally friendly 

Improve your green credentials by opting for a design that is more in compliance with international environmental regulations.

  • Long life span

Technologies that are designed to last with little downtime.

ISO Air Quality Standards 

Compressed air purity is governed by a set of ISO standards. The different purity classes depend on the purity determined by the number of contaminant particles per cubic meter. The cleanest option is Class 0 which is determined by the user but must be more stringent than Class 1.

ISO Class 0 guarantees clean, pure, dry air. Although oil lubricated compressors can use various air treatment accessories to clean air, they would not meet the stringent Class 0 standard. For zero-risk of contamination, it is important to choose a compressor that meets this high level of quality. All dry compressors supplied by ACB North are Class 0 certified by design, ensuring purity for your application and complete peace of mind for your operation. 

Industries and Applications 

High quality oil free compressed air provides the perfect solution for many industrial applications that are critical to business owners.

Key industries served include: 

Food and Beverage

When it comes to food and drink, safety is essential. Strict regulations govern the industry and there can be absolutely no risk of contamination to ensure adherence to health and safety guidelines. Oil-less compressed air is used at every stage of the food and beverage supply chain, from process and production through to bottling and packaging. 


In hospitals, medical laboratories, testing facilities, and other pharmaceutical locations, a sterile environment is essential. As with any medication, rigorous standards must be met and contamination is not acceptable. That’s why many professionals in the industry rely on oil-less compressors to deliver their products. Common uses include cleaning, aeration, product handling, as well as tablet and bottle packaging for medicines. 


A common challenge of the chemical industry is handling liquids and gases that are often toxic, corrosive, flammable, or dangerous. Traces of oil could cause disruption to hazardous processes, increasing the risk of the operation. Safe handling of chemicals is ensured through dry running compressors, delivering clean compressed air for many applications including material handling and product drying.


ACB North stocks a variety of oil free compressor technologies offering a wide range of solutions such as two-stage, water injected, and scroll models as well as the ground-breaking Ultima™. Each design offers 100% oil and silicone-free compression, ensuring the highest quality possible for your application. 

If you need help choosing an air compressor technology to suit your demand contact an expert at ACB North for personalised advice and support. Our team of professional engineers know all there is when it comes to compression technology and we can help you select the most suitable model with the correct size, power, capacity, and pressure for your operation. We can also install, service, maintain, and repair your entire system installation!

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