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Air Compressor Hire

  • Oil free & lubricated compressors available for hire in fixed and variable speed. 
  • Flexible and cost effective short-term solution for industrial air demand.
  • Prices start as low as £150 per week. 
Air Compressor Hire

Do you have a short-term increased air demand? Have upcoming maintenance planned? Or, have you been hit with an unexpected breakdown? Air compressor hire is a fantastic solution for any of the above scenarios. A hire contract is a flexible and cost effective way to meet fluctuations in air demand or for those times when you need a quick and easy solution. 

At ACB North, we offer a compressor hire fleet off-the-shelf from 1kW to 200kW+. Our hire fleet consists of oil-lubricated as well as oil-free compressors in both fixed and variable speed models. When leasing compressors, we will always work with you to find a hire solution that is tailored to suit your business needs and compressed air requirements. Our team of experienced engineers are committed to providing unrivalled customer service and delivering a reliable and efficient supply of compressed air for our customers. 

Even with a solid preventative maintenance approach, regular servicing, and proper care, an unexpected breakdown can unfortunately still happen. When a crisis like this occurs, hiring equipment can be a great solution for breakdown cover. A short team lease will provide a very speedy return to production, minimising downtime and production loss. Plus, compressor hire is flexible, meaning you can continue hiring for as long as you need while you wait for your plant to be repaired and return back to full functionality. 

Other times, you may want to upgrade your system. However, this can be very costly. If you have a one-off large contract or a temporary increase in demand, hiring a compressor can be a quick and easy way to upgrade your system. This can be used temporarily while you make arrangements for a permanent upgrade, or it could be hired until your fluctuation in demand goes back to normal. Each air system that we hire out will be as efficient as possible for your operation, offsetting the cost of hiring through the lower operating costs provided by the improved system. 

Compressors are supplied complete with all the necessary cables and flexible hoses needed to connect to your existing system. We can also supply filters, dryers, receivers, and any other ancillary equipment you may need to meet your air demands. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the compressor, what other equipment is required, and the length of time the equipment is needed for. 

For weekly rental costs, please view the table below. Further information and full terms and conditions can be provided upon request. Please get in contact with us by calling 0114 398 4488.

Size in kw FAD in CFM Rental Cost Per Week £
1kw – 7kw 4 – 45 cfm £150.00
11kw 60 cfm £200.00
15kw 80 cfm £200.00
18kw 100 cfm £200.00
22kw 120 cfm £200.00
30kw 160 cfm £220.00
37kw 250 cfm £225.00
45kw 280 cfm £350.00
55kw 350 cfm £400.00
75kw 450 cfm £450.00
90kw 600 cfm £500.00
110kw 700 cfm £600.00
132kw 850 cfm £700.00
160kw 1000 cfm £800.00
200kw + 1300 cfm + £1000.00 +



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