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Compressor Downstream Equipment

  • An efficient production system requires high-performing, energy-efficient downstream equipment.
  • Maximise your operation with effective air treatment products.
  • Expert advice, support and installation by our friendly engineers.
Compressor Downstream Equipment

ACB North provide a range of downstream equipment and accessories to help maximise efficiency and cut running costs within your operation. We work with global leading manufacturers to bring you a range of air treatment products that optimise your system and help to improve air quality.


The CompAir range of compressed air filtration products has been designed to combat contamination within your system. Dirt, oil, and water can lead to damage to production equipment including corrosion and pipe scale. Our C Range of filters remove dirt and oil to 0.01micon.

Refrigerant Dryers

Our refrigerant dryers cool the incoming compressed air, condensing the water it contains and hence protecting your piping and equipment from detrimental damage. Our F & FHS range of driers deliver +3 dew point for general plant usage, ensuring high-quality air and reliable systems.

Desiccant Dryers

CompAir’s CDT Hybrid dryers have the ability to switch between +3 to -40 dew point, delivering high quality air at a low energy level. We sell a range of descant dryers that have innovative features including:

– Classic Modular drier delivering -40 dew point

– Twin Tower TVT Zero purge for maximum energy savings

– AXLE drier with vacuum technology


We offer the ideal solution for on-site nitrogen generation with CompAir’s CN2-Series range of nitrogen generation which ensures air purity from 5ppm too 500ppm. Our systems can offer you a payback of up to 90%.

Zero Loss drains

Industrial drains are lightweight and easy to install, they help to eliminate waste caused by condensate drip. Our electronic drain systems ensure no loss of air for maximum energy savings.

Condensate Management

The CSEP range of oil water separators provide efficient on-site removal of compressed air condensate. The three stage treatment process is extremely thorough, ensuring you comply with the 1991 duty care law.

Compressed Air Receivers

A compressed air receiver could help to optimise the efficiency at which your plant runs by decreasing the loading and unloading cycles of your compressor. We sell a vertical or horizontal range of vessels from 250 to 5000 litre plus.


Compressed air controller systems give you superior control across your whole operation, with amazing potential for energy saving. The easy-to-operate controllers give you control over your complete system, including downstream. Our Smart Air Controllers have the ability to control up to 12 compressors, or choose our Smart Air Lite for peace of mind rotation.

Air Monitors

Air monitors provide you with up-to-date information regarding your machine including flow and dew point metres. 

For more information on any of our downstream equipment or for helpful advice on which products would benefit your application, contact our experts at ACB North today on 0114 398 4488 or contact us online.

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