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Air Treatment & Accessories

  • Providing efficient and smart solutions to treat contaminated air and increase resourcefulness.
  • Water is the single largest contaminant; we have a range of effective dryers to safely remove water vapour from your system.
  • We also install, service and repair air filtration, condensate management systems and nitrogen generators.
Air Treatment & Accessories


Our comprehensive range of air treatment equipment and accessories are designed to enhance performance and conserve energy, providing environmentally friendly solutions to the many demands of a full time air compressing system. The output quality of any compressed air system will be deteriorated by the presence of contaminants. To keep your air compressor working to an optimum standard, ACB North highly recommends the use of compressed air treatment technology. We have a range of products and accessories available that provide cost-effective solutions to the challenges you may be facing.

Contaminants in the air such as dust, oil or water, (caused by water vapour) can enter the compressed air system and cause damage to its internal parts whilst also reducing the quality of the air it produces. By removing these contaminants, you can ensure the shelf life of the system, make sure it is running at maximum performance levels and is producing a pure, high-quality output. When water vapour enters into the compressor in vapour form, it gets compressed alongside the air. When this becomes pressurised, it forces the water to condense and turn back into a liquid. When this occurs, it can be very harmful to your system and costly to clean. Sophisticated dryers can be used to remove water vapour from the compressor and ensure the integrity of the system. Our refrigerant and adsorption dryers effectively remove water from the system and are an invaluable part of the process to create high quality compressed air.

Another contaminant that can actively damage your air compressor is oil vapour. When it passes through the system, it can cause damage to downstream equipment, this can be costly and time-consuming to remove. Air filtration products work by filtering the air at the source of the compressor, to ensure a contaminant free system. The primary purpose of any filtering system is to enhance air quality. Our experts can recommend an air filtration treatment to optimise any system you may currently have.

Another important factor to consider is condensate management. A byproduct of compressed air technology is condensate, a mixture of water and oil. This cannot be disposed of in sewers or drains and is officially classed as hazardous waste. The oil must therefore be separated from the water before it can be safely disposed of. We provide quality water/oil separators and condensate drains to safely assist with condensate disposal. Our resourceful systems are energy efficient and give you additional peace of mind.

Finally, nitrogen generation is a resourceful way to produce nitrogen in house. Nitrogen is used in many industrial applications such as packaging food to preserve it, for example. It is possible to generate nitrogen from compressed air using advanced technical equipment. This is a resourceful way to produce the gas on-site and allows you to take total control over your nitrogen supply. Our nitrogen generators are a great investment. They can be installed within a compressor house with minimal piping requirements and offer a return of investment in as short as 12 months.

Investment in our air treatment and accessories has many great benefits for your business. It not only helps to maintain the integrity of your system but optimises the compressor for maximised results.

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