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Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial Air Compressors
  • ACB North are a UK distributor of a wide variety of high-performance industrial compressed air solutions for a range of industries and applications
  • Take a look at the range of industrial air compressors we offer
  • From design to installation to repair and maintenance, ACB North is not only an industrial air compressor supplier but a compressed air partner!

ACB North are a UK distributor of all things compressed air! With years of industry knowledge and expertise, we have developed a portfolio of only the best-compressed air technologies and equipment that we stock and distribute, including a range of different industrial air compressors.

Rotary Screw Compressors:

Manufactured by industry leaders CompAir, our extensive range of oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors is suitable for a range of industries and applications. These L-Series compressors encompass the innovative, trusted design and precision engineering that make CompAir so well-renowned in the compressed air industry. This range includes a variety of power capacities, as well as both fixed and variable speed solutions.

Rotary Vane Compressors:

CompAir’s revolutionary Hydrovane compressors have been recognised for their indisputable quality that lasts and lasts since their creation in the 1960s. Relied upon for their reliability, durability and simplicity, these rotary vane compressors guarantee unmatched performance and longevity.

Oil Free Air Compressors:

For industries and industrial applications where air purity is critical, oil free air compressors are the perfect choice! Their effective design guarantees the use of no oil in the compressor chamber, ensuring 100% contamination-free air with the help of their air treatment accomplices. The range we offer is CompAir’s PureAir technologies, including the two-stage, water-injected, scroll and ground-breaking Ultima models. All of these compressed air solutions promise complete compliance with ISO air quality standards, making them ideal for high-risk industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Piston Compressors:

We offer a complete range of high-performance piston compressors from industry experts, Champion, a manufacturer of compressed air solutions for small to medium applications. Champion is best known for designing and manufacturing products that offer extraordinary reliability even in demanding industrial conditions, all for a fair and competitive price. The range is comprised of single-cylinder single-stage compressors with direct transmission and two-cylinder single and two-stage models with belt transmission for a variety of workshop and industrial uses.

Portable Air Compressors:

At ACB North, we also offer a variety of portable compressed air systems designed to be flexible to your applications and easily transported from place to place. This makes them ideal for high-precision construction projects or operations that require frequent movement. CompAir’s expert range of portable systems includes their lightweight, portable air compressor, as well as their towable and heavy duty models. All of these compressed air solutions offer efficient manoeuvrability and reliable performance even in remote and challenging locations. Their C-Series portable compressors are also fitted with a diesel particulate filter and conform to emission standards (97/68/EC).

Air Compressor Hire:

Are you experiencing demand fluctuations or an unexpected breakdown? Are you trying to find a replacement air compressor due to upcoming maintenance or repair? Don’t stress! At ACB North, we offer a flexible, cost-effective hire contract that allows you to hire a range of different compressed air technologies and equipment. This way, you can keep your operations up and running even at short notice!

From design to installation to repair and maintenance, ACB North is not only an industrial air compressor supplier but a compressed air partner! For more information or advice on any of the industrial air compressors we stock and distribute, please feel free to call us on 0114 398 4488.

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