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Air Compressor Service

Air Compressor Service
  • ACB North offer a range of air compressor services that can help you save energy & maximise the efficiency of your system
  • A look into the energy-saving air compressor services ACB North offer
  • Protect your investment & reduce unnecessary energy costs with ACB North’s expert range of air compressor services

At ACB North, we offer a wide range of air compressor services, including maintenance, repairs, replacements and refurbishments to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your compressed air system. However, we also offer air compressor services more tailored to energy saving to reduce your costs and keep you consistently operating at your most efficient.

So what energy-saving air compressor services do ACB North offer?

The current global energy crisis affecting many aspects of our lives makes ACB North understand the importance of energy saving for your business.

Air Audits:

You can reduce wasted energy by ensuring your system is maximising its efficiency and delivering air of optimum quality.

ACB North’s highly trained team of qualified professionals are available to carry out thorough air compressor audits in order to identify ways you can increase the efficiency of your system whilst also cutting costs. Our air audit service monitors every component of your compressed air system and provides you with a full diagnostic report of actionable insights to improve the performance of your air compressor.

Compressed Air Leak Detection & Surveys:

This ACB North air compressor service guarantees you fast payback through energy savings and reduced costs by identifying potential leaks so that we can fix the issue quickly and efficiently. We recommend regular air leak detection surveys to minimise the risk of costly leaks that can disrupt the efficiency of your system, thus causing you to increase your energy consumption.

Compressed Air Monitoring with iConn:

iConn is the latest revolutionary technology from industry leader Gardner Denver. It uses advancements in compressed air technology to provide you with real-time monitoring of your system, producing diagnostic reports and detailed insights into the performance and efficiency of your air compressor. This helps to increase productivity and therefore minimise energy loss through maximised performance.

Regulated vs Variable Speed Air Compressors:

With the energy-saving benefits of ACB North’s variable speed compressors you can cut your energy costs by up to 35%. These air compressors are designed to save energy by matching the output with the demand created, reducing costly wasted energy created by most compressed air systems.

Air Compressor Heat Recovery:

ACB North’s air compressor heat recovery services help you to reduce CO2 emissions whilst also saving energy and money by finding a use for any excess heat produced by your compressor. This service is vital for energy saving as over 90% of the electrical input into your compressed air system is wasted as heat. Find a more efficient use for this heat that integrates well with your air compressor installation with our expert heat recovery service.

Compressor Controllers:

You can save energy and maximise the efficiency of your compressed air system with ACB North’s innovative compressor controllers that are able to alert you of and respond to any internal faults or issues. This, in turn, reduces your energy consumption by helping you monitor and manage your compressed air system whenever, wherever.

Protect your investment & reduce your costs today with ACB North’s expert air compressor services. For more information on any of our air compressor services or on how you can save energy with ACB North, please call us on 0114 398 4488, and one of our professional team will be happy to help.

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