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Oil Less Air Compressor

Oil Less Air Compressor
  • Why choose an Oil-Free Air Compressor?
  • Guaranteed ISO Class 0 quality air without the risk of oil contamination
  • Why is an Oil-Less Air Compressor the most beneficial for your industry or application?

Oil-free compressors are the ideal solution for industries where air purity and decontamination is at the forefront of operations. The guaranteed use of no oil and the correct use of filtration downstream ensures an efficient, reliable system.

At ACB North, our team of experts are dedicated to bringing you innovative oil-less CompAir solutions in various models, such as our two-stage, water injected, Scroll, 15-115kW, 75-160kW and 110-315kw systems, as well as the market-leading Ultima. All of our models guarantee 100% oil and silicone-free compression to provide you with high-performance and quality solutions.

Why Choose an Oil-Free Air Compressor?

Companies will usually opt for an oil-less air compressor if their industry has specific regulations or requirements surrounding air quality. The absence of oil eliminates the risk of contamination and prevents costly product recalls. Some of the other customer benefits include:

  • ISO Class 0 quality air

Our oil-less compressors guarantee Class 0 quality air, which is the cleanest option making them environmentally friendly and reliable for air purity. In addition, our range of systems is known for their compliance with international environmental regulations.

  • Low maintenance and operating costs

Due to the zero risk of contamination, your compressors will require less regular maintenance. An oil-less air compressor also eliminates the costs of replacement lubricant in addition to separators, condense treatment accessories and downstream filtration, reducing your overall costs. These compressor systems have fewer moving parts by design, reducing the potential areas where damage or issues could occur. This will, in turn, extend your maintenance margins and increase uptime.

  • Longer life span

Our oil-free solutions are designed with technology that prevents downtime and mechanical issues from occurring. Therefore, they are a durable, long-lasting, cost-effective solution to suit your industry or application needs.

Oil-Free vs Oil Lubricated:

Even though oil-lubricated compressors can implement various air treatment accessories, they are unable to meet the stringent Class 0 standard. Therefore, there is still the risk of oil contamination. Oil-lubricated compressors also carry more maintenance and operation costs due to the importance of oil separation or filtration, as even small amounts of oil run the risk of reducing the quality of any air produced.

Why is an Oil-Less Air Compressor the Most Beneficial for Your Industry or Application? 

In industries where air purity and quality is critical to business owners, an oil-less air compressor is the ideal option. Some industries include:

Food and Beverage:

Within this strictly regulated industry, hygiene and safety are the two most important factors that govern your operations. Therefore it is essential to have a system that guarantees 100% contamination-free air used at every stage of your process, from production to packaging.


In an industry where potentially flammable or corrosive chemicals are handled daily, it is essential to prevent the risk of oil contamination throughout hazardous processes, such as product drying or material handling. Safety is ensured through oil-less dry-running compressors, which are able to produce clean compressed air whilst also removing the risk of dangerous disruptions to your operations.


In pharmaceutical facilities such as hospitals or medical laboratories, a sterile environment is vital due to the importance of industry standards being maintained. Oil-less air compressors are a popular choice within the pharmaceutical industry for applications such as product handling, tablet packaging for medicines and aeration, as they guarantee contamination-free air.

At ACB North, we aim to utilise our industry-leading knowledge and expertise to provide you with efficient, reliable, high-performance compressors systems that suit your application needs. For more information, please contact us.

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