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Used Screw Compressors For Sale

Used Screw Compressors For Sale

If you’re looking to save money by buying a reconditioned or pre-owned rotary screw compressor, then you’re in the right place:

  • Full range of rotary screw air compressors
  • Dryers, filters and downstream equipment available
  • Rigorously inspected and tested
  • OEM standard parts

Why a rotary screw air compressor is right for you.

If your business has high daily demands for compressed air, you’ll already be well-versed in the benefits a rotary screw compressor offers you over a piston (reciprocating) variant.

Rotary screw air compressors offer a constant flow of compressed air for heavy-duty use, and with no tanks to keep topped up and fewer components to maintain, your operations will run faster and without interruption. In Addition, rotary screw air compressors run at 100% duty cycle, meaning less downtime and increased energy efficiencies.

You can explore the L range of rotary screw compressors from CompAir here.

Rotary screw variants also tend to be more compact and lightweight, making them easier to transport across sites and to different locations with comparative ease.

You can explore the C series of portable rotary screw compressors from CompAir here.

Where clean and dry air is paramount, a rotary screw compressor can be paired with downstream equipment to produce high quality compressed air solutions for ISO Class 1 and above.

With all these fantastic operational benefits comes a price tag that reflects the long life cycle of these robust machines, and if your budget won’t stretch, maybe it’s time to explore our range of pre-owned, reconditioned equipment.

Summary of rotary screw air compressor benefits:

  • Lower maintenance
  • Fewer components subject to wear and tear that need replacing
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Lighter and more portable
  • Lubricated and oil-free models
  • Fixed and variable speed options
  • Constant supply of compressed air with no downtime
  • Low noise and vibration levels

ACB North – tried and trusted for used rotary screw air compressors

It’s not often that an air compressor breaks down and is totally beyond repair, a well maintained and serviced machine should serve you well for years, and even if it does break down, we don’t believe it’s only destined for the scrap heap. Thorough and successful reconditioning of equipment is an excellent economic alternative to buying new, without compromising on performance and helps lower your carbon footprint.

As experts in our field, it is in everyone best interests that any equipment hired or purchased from us is quality assured and fit for purpose. No one has time or money to waste on faulty equipment. We apply our technical skills and industry know-how to ensure that anything that goes out of our door has been subject to a complete system examination, rigorous testing and is fully serviced, with any faults or errors fully resolved.

Our range of used air compressors includes lubricated and oil-free models, but we also supply compressed air treatments like dryers and filters in addition to downstream equipment and accessories.

Time to talk to the experts

Making the right choice of equipment now will pay dividends over time. So, whether you opt to buy new or would like to discuss the current range of used and reconditioned compressed air solutions, our professional and knowledgeable team are happy to discuss the best available options.

Why not get in touch today on 0114 398 4488.

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