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Compressed Air Dryer – Why You Need One

Compressed Air Dryer – Why You Need One
  • Air treatment accessories, like dryers, help to protect your system from corrosion.
  • Dryers remove water from the process to ensure a clean, dry final product.
  • This helps to extend equipment life and guarantee high product quality.

Designing a successful compressor installation requires more than just purchasing a compressor. Downstream equipment and accessories, such as dryers, are also essential for creating an efficient, reliable, and durable system that will offer continued performance for your application and industry.

Why you need a dryer in your compressed air system

All atmospheric air contains water vapour as it is a natural ingredient. When you use an air compressor to compress atmospheric air, the concentration of water and moisture within the air also increases.

While it is impossible to avoid moisture creation in compressed air, it is possible to treat this moisture through the use of an air dryer.

Moisture within a network can have a severely damaging effect, leading to corrosion of motors, valves, pipework, and other components that are integral to the ongoing functioning of the machine. Without the use of a dryer, the degradation of components over time will shorten equipment lift, lead to expensive maintenance and repair costs, and even increase the risk of a complete breakdown, resulting in a shutdown of operation and a loss of earnings.

To ensure ongoing safe operation and to protect your pipework and the internal structure of your system, a compressed air dryer is a wise and cost-effective investment that will ensure air quality and protect your investment.

Another reason to choose an air dryer is to guarantee the quality of your end product. If compressed air is used as part of a process for your application, then the highest quality needs to be attained to ensure no product spoilage occurs. Water vapour droplets in compressed air could lead to contamination of your end product, resulting in product loss and a hefty bill, putting you behind your targets and reducing the efficiency of your installation. The inclusion of a dryer into your system ensures process air is clean, pure, and dry before it reaches the point of use, offering continued peace of mind for your business.

Choosing a technology

ACB North stock a range of dryer technologies from industry leader, CompAir. CompAir’s investment in a manufacturing site and years of design expertise has led them to develop a range of energy efficient dryers. Their portfolio includes a range of options to choose from including refrigerant, heatless desiccant, and heat of compression (HOC) dryers.


The A-Series of modular desiccant dryers are a popular choice among many industries. They offer a reliable solution for small to medium flow systems with low maintenance requirements and an industry-proven, compact design.

They operate on the principle of water and moisture always moving to the driest medium. The A-Series passes the air over an absorbent desiccant material that removes the water. Two chambers are used to ensure a constant supply of dry air as one can be in use while the other regenerates the material.


The CD-Series of refrigerant dryers provide efficient and cost-effective drying for all applications ranging from workshops and light processing to large industrial tasks. They operate by using heat exchangers to cool the air which condenses the water. This can then be removed, resulting in a clean and dry final product.


As the name suggests, HOC dryers used the heat that is created as a by-product of the compression process to dry the air. This is a highly efficient solution that offers low operating costs and great performance.

Invest in air treatment to protect your production process & product

To ensure the continued performance of your installation and the high quality of your end product, a compressed air dryer is an essential must-have. If you have any questions or are interested in any of our air treatment equipment and accessories, give us a call on 0114 398 4488 today.

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