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Buy an Air Compressor from a Compressed Air Specialist

Buy an Air Compressor from a Compressed Air Specialist
  • Specialist compressor distributor supported by the UK’s leading compressed air product manufacturers. 
  • The complete solution – installation, servicing, and repairs. 
  • Effective and efficient compressed air for any industry. 

Why partner with a specialist supplier? 

Choosing to buy an air compressor is an important decision and getting it wrong could result in high energy costs, poor performance, and the inability to complete certain tasks. Choosing the correct unit that will yield the very best results for your unique application is essential in keeping costs low. That’s where an authorised distributor like ACB North comes in. 

We are proud to be an authorised distributor for market-leading brands such as CompAir, Champion, Hydrovane, Elmo Rietschle, Reavell, and more. Our professional engineers are experts in compressor technology and possess in-depth knowledge about each of the brands we partner with, meaning we can provide amazing customer service to our clients, offering expert advice and personalised guidance.

As well as having a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to compressed air, we also have the parts and tools to keep your purchase in top shape. Our servicing and repairs abilities, as well as our energy efficiency initiatives, mean that we can provide the complete service to our customers, including emergency repairs in the event of a breakdown. Partnering with ACB North ensures that you’re in good hands, no matter what your industry or application. 

Choosing an air compressor 

When it comes to making a purchasing decision, our qualified team can guide you to ensure the correct unit is chosen to provide the best results for your business requirements. Power, efficiency, maintenance, and performance are always our primary focus and we can recommend a specific technology alongside any accompanying downstream equipment to best suit your needs. 

When choosing a compressor, key things to consider include:

  • Size
  • Airflow and pressure
  • Technology type e.g. rotary screw, vane, piston, portable etc. 
  • Purity requirements e.g. lubricated or oil free air compressor

Compressor sizing is an essential factor to get right as an undersized compressor could cause unwanted pressure drops whereas an oversized machine could lead to mechanical issues and an excess energy demand which could be costly. 

Furthermore, technology type is important as matching the right type with your demand will yield more efficient results. For example, a rotary screw machine is best suited to continuous operation so is a popular choice for many industrial applications where constant demand is needed. Or, if you have flexible working requirements, you may require a portable air compressor to allow you to manoeuvre the equipment from site to site.

Another factor to give some thought to is noise, if the compressor is near the point of use then a low noise or even silent compressor will cause the least disruption.

Improving your system

If you already have a compressor installation, but you are looking for ways to upgrade your system, then we can help there too! We provide several services to monitor and evaluate your current installation and offer ways to improve your operation.

A professional air audit, performed by our highly trained team of qualified professionals, will highlight key areas where efficiency could be improved and give you pointers on how to cut costs by examining air supply and demand. 

We also offer air monitoring services via iConn, offering real-time information about your system. This provides detailed insights into your complete installation including air treatment accessories and equipment, to provide you with the complete picture. This data can then be used to identify risks, monitor energy consumption, and reduce downtime! 

For more information about our air compressors and services, get in touch with us directly by calling us for free on 0114 398 4488 today. We stock a variety of products and our team are always happy to help with your buying decision, whether it’s for a small workshop or large factory!

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