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Compressor Heat Recovery Systems

Compressor Heat Recovery Systems
  • Efficient heat recovery systems for air compressor installations.
  • Save money and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 
  • Recycle excess heat and turn it to your advantage! 

Why is wasted energy costing your business?

Compressed air systems are vital to many businesses and play an integral role in keeping many industries running. Did you know that approximately 10% of all electricity used in industrial industries is accounted for by compressor installations? That’s a lot of energy! Ensuring all of the electricity used in your plant is put to use is the best way to increase your efficiency, save money on energy costs, and do your bit for the planet by reducing your CO2 emissions. 

So, where is the electricity being lost in your plant? The answer is through heat. Around 95% of the energy used in a compressor system is converted to heat and wasted through heat dissipated from the motor, cooling systems, and oil cooler. 

How can a heat recovery system help?

Instead of simply removing the heat, and paying to do so, the heat can be redirected to your advantage. It can then be used to generate hot water for heating systems and other application processes in other areas of the installation or your plant! By redirecting heat to raise the temperature of water or to produce steam for use in other areas of your factory, you can make a real cost saving for your business! 

The principle

The basic principle of compressor heat recovery systems is the transferral of heat into a medium where it can be utilised rather than wasted to the atmosphere. In an air compressor system, the heat that is generated during compression is paid for as part of the operating process, but you are actually paying for it again during the removal of heat by cooling fans. Putting this heat to use can result in considerable cost savings.

You may not have considered it, but every degree of water temperature costs your business money. Utilising the heat produced by your compressor means you can make a saving on every degree! If the water supply is already higher than the standard water temperature, then that’s heating that doesn’t need to be paid for. 

Major benefits of a compressor heat recovery system: 

  • Cost effective – quick return on investment
  • Decrease your impact on the planet by lowering your carbon footprint
  • Factory fitted integrated system
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing system including all pipework and fittings 
  • Designed to extract heat before it enters the atmosphere and cause damage through condensation

Start saving money through increased efficiency with a heat recovery system installed by ACB North. The low investment cost means that you will return a payback in as little as one to three years. For more information about downstream equipment and air treatment accessories from ACB North, please get in contact. We can help with the design and planning of a completely new installation or assist with improving your current system and maximising efficiency. For personalised guidance and industry-specific advice, give us a call on 0114 398 4488 today or click here to fill out our contact form.  

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