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Variable Speed Air Compressor – The Benefits

Variable Speed Air Compressor – The Benefits
  • Cut energy costs by up to 35%.
  • No need to unload – reduced time, reduced energy, reduced costs! 
  • Perfectly match output with demand. 

Whilst the initial upfront cost of purchasing a compressor and the ongoing maintenance bill may be the first things you consider when choosing a compressor, it is energy that holds the true price tag. In fact, 70% of an air compressor’s cost is energy. 

To lower your total cost of ownership and to ensure that your investment is as cost effective as it can be, energy efficiency must be a number one priority. Reducing energy consumption and ensuring your system operates at maximum efficiency are the most important ways to ensure your bill stays manageable. 

Reduce wasted energy 

So, how do you do this? Did you know that wasted energy in an air compressor installation accounts for most of the wasted energy in an entire plant? By ensuring that your air output perfectly matches the compressed air demand you require, you can cut down on waste and run at an extremely high level of efficiency. This is where variable speed drive technologies are a fantastic innovation. 

What is VSD? 

VSD or regulated speed compressors are intelligent drive systems that can alter the motor speed to match demand. This innovation allows the compressor to slow the rotation speed, producing less air and absorbing less energy. The drive enables the compressor to match the exact amount of air that is being used by the downstream equipment. In this way, the drive controls the speed of the unit, fluctuating the amount of power to meet varying demand. 

Advantages of VSD technology 

In comparison with fixed speed compressors that run at a constant speed, producing a fixed amount of air, variable drive compressors are much more suited to industries and applications with varying demand. This means that the compressor can automatically adapt output to match the requirement and ensure that no energy is unnecessarily wasted. On average, VSD compressors can cut energy costs up to 35%, representing a real financial saving for business owners and offering a fantastic return on investment. 

Further benefits

As well as improving plant efficiency, variable speed air compressors come with a whole host of additional features and benefits, including:

  • The ability to start and stop under pressure with no need to unload
  • Reduced power surges 
  • More precise control e.g. motor can be halted or revved up
  • Reduced system leaks due to lower pressure levels

If your industry has a fluctuating demand, then investing in a variable speed compressor can be a fantastic solution for your plant, allowing you to meet the client requirements most efficiently, without compromising on performance. In fact, a combination of both fixed and variable speed units in a plant can be one of the most efficient ways to optimise your installation. 

For advice on improving your system and lowering your operating costs, please speak to one of our expert engineers who will be happy to assess your individual situation and make tailored recommendations. Give us a call on 0114 398 4488 for more information.

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