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Reconditioned Air Compressors and Second Hand Stock

Reconditioned Air Compressors and Second Hand Stock
  • We supply reconditioned air compressors remanufactured back to specification quality.
  • All of our reconditioned and second-hand stock is rigorously inspected.
  • We also specialise in air end and motor repair.

ACB North is an air compressor, vacuum pump, and blower distributor serving the North, North East, and East Midlands regions of the UK. We know our stuff when it comes to compressed air, vacuum, and pressure and we proudly supply industrial equipment and products from some of the industrial air industry’s biggest names such as CompAir, Champion, Hydrovane, Reavell, and more. We provide a complete solution for businesses and manufacturers who rely on our skills, knowledge, and expertise to keep their installations running smoothly. 

But did you know that we also offer reconditioned air compressors as well as second-hand parts and products? When a compressor fails, that doesn’t always mean it’s destined for the scrapheap. With the right tools, experience, and know-how, reconditioning is a viable economic alternative to buying a brand new compressor. All of our pre-owned and reconditioned machines are extensively inspected, tested, and quality assured to ensure we provide the very best reliability and efficiency for our customers. You can view our used compressors and second-hand parts list by clicking here, or alternatively by contacting us directly. 

Additionally, we also offer a range of repair and refurbishment services including air end and motor repair. This provides a great economic alternative to buying a brand new compressor and is a great way to keep your installation running effectively, without a big price tag! A reconditioned air end can massively extend the service life of your compressor, saving you time and money. No matter what the technology of your machine, be it a screw compressor, vane, piston, or lobe, we can remanufacture it back to specification quality. 

We ensure that we carry plenty of stock in all of our bases so that the part you need will be readily available for you. If you need your motor or air end refurbished, we guarantee to carry bearings, O rings, seals, gaskets, and all the other critical compressed air supplies that we need for a speedy turnaround. We always want to ensure the quickest delivery of parts so that our end-user experiences as little downtime for their business as possible.

Plus, we guarantee that all of the equipment and parts we stock are genuine OEM quality. All of the second-hand stock that we carry is re-manufactured to OEM standard and is subject to rigorous inspection and testing to ensure the safety and efficiency of the part. We only use and distribute parts that are in mint condition and that we know will perform for our customers. 

For more information about reconditioned compressors, ancillary items, and parts, please contact us. All of our industrial air products are fully serviced and are covered by our warranty. Find out more about our uncomplicated warranty policies here. For all of your compressed air needs from design and planning through to installation and servicing, trust ACB North. 

Enquire about our compressor services by speaking to one of our expert engineers on 0114 398 4488 or, alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and a member of the team will get back to you.

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