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Considerations for compressed air users in the Food & Beverage industry

Considerations for compressed air users in the Food & Beverage industry

Challenges faced by food producers

Food and beverage companies face many challenges and none more important than protecting and safeguarding the health of their consumers while maintaining a sustainable business to benefit all involved. There are however some activities which are common to achieving both requirements.

One such activity which helps food producers target both areas simultaneously is the correct set up and housekeeping of the compressed air system, initially an area of significant investment, this essential utility can often be over looked.

Did you know?

Heavily contaminated atmospheric air is compressed and used throughout food and beverage production in a variety of ways. If actions are not taken to reduce or remove this contamination it is highly probable that it will at some point contaminate the product, rendering it unfit for consumption, resulting in finished product or ingredients rejected as an expensive waste. In the worst case scenario, the contaminated product enters the marketplace, leading to expensive and embarrassing product recall or legal claims should any consumer suffer ill health as a consequence.

Is your system compliant?

it is essential to ensure each production application is being provided with the correct quality of compressed air according to codes of practice in conjunction with suitable standards for air quality such as ISO Air Quality Classes standard 8573-1:2010.

Testing three types of compressed air contaminants in your system at point of use Air Compressors & Blowers can certify if your compressed air matches your industry’s Code of Practice for Food Grade Air,

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