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Air Compressor Accessories – The Ultimate Guide

Air Compressor Accessories – The Ultimate Guide
  • Compressed air treatment equipment can help to increase efficiency and resourcefulness.
  • Dryers, receivers, condensate management products and nitrogen generators are some of our most popular products.
  • ACB North have years of experience in the field and our expert engineers can offer professional guidance on what accessories to choose.

Running a compressor installation can sometimes be challenging and owners are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and performance. Compressed air treatment equipment, as well as compressor accessories, can help to conserve energy, increase efficiency, maximise your air output and provide cost-effective solutions to the demands of running a compressed air system.

When it comes to compressors, one of the most important factors is air quality. A clean air output is important and contaminant-free, dry air is needed for more and more applications as Class 1 and Class 0 clean air is relied on by many industries. Contaminants such as dust and dirt, as well as oil and water vapour, can enter the installation and cause damage to the internal pipework whilst also contaminating the quality of the air.

So, if you want to ensure the integrity of your industrial system as well as improve your air quality output, there are some essential pieces of equipment that we highly recommend. ACB North have over 100 years of industry knowledge and we want to share that with you! There are a range of air accessories that we recommend, including:


Air at atmospheric pressure contains large amounts of water, when compressed, this concentration increases. Dryers clean and dry compressed air by removing oil particles and vapour. There are a few different technologies available. Refrigerant dryers cool the air, condensing the water to remove it. Desiccant dryers remove water by passing the air over a desiccant material which attracts vapour molecules. The third option is a hybrid model which makes use of both techniques. Dryers are essential as they protect your piping from damage by removing any corrosive products, ensuring your system continues to run smoothly. An expert at ACB North would be happy to recommend a technology type of suit your application.

Compressed Air Receivers

Sometimes called an air tank, or storage tank, a receiver stores compressed air after it exits the compressor. It is a useful product as it gives you a reserve of compressed air that can be used at any time without running the compressor. It may help to optimise efficiency by decreasing loading and unloading cycles.

Condensate Management

Condensate cannot be disposed of in drains. Before disposal, oil particles must be separated from the water. Oil/water separators are a great accessory for this as they provide efficient on-site removal of condensate. Although many think about condensate treatment and management as an afterthought. All the best compressor installations make proper disposal of condensate waste a priority. It is an important part of the process and all installations must comply with the duty care law.

Nitrogen Generators

On-site production of nitrogen can be a huge benefit for many businesses, offering a fantastic return on investment. Using compressors to generate nitrogen can be a very cost-effective method and allows you to adjust the demand for nitrogen based on your own needs. The equipment can be fitted to your existing system, requiring little floor space.

We also stock a range of additional industrial air compressor accessories, including controllers and monitors. We are authorised distributors of air compressors and air treatment products from a range of well-known brands including CompAir, Elmo Rietschle, Hydrovane and more! For advice from a factory trained engineer, please speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to offer you tailored guidance based on your installation and application. Contact us by giving us a call on 0114 398 4488 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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