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Oil Free Air Compressor Uses and Benefits

Oil Free Air Compressor Uses and Benefits
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You may be wondering what the benefit of switching to an oil free air compressor is for you and your business. For many industries, high quality clean air is critical. More and more different types of industry are looking for ISO Class 0 compliant air for their application, this ensures the quality and integrity of their end product or service. Oil-free air compressors have been specifically designed to fully conform to Class 0 air requirements, producing completely contaminant-free air.

For businesses where even a small drop of oil in the compressed air output could ruin production, oil-free compressors provide peace of mind and guaranteed performance. Whilst compressed air produced by lubricated machines can be cleaned with oil filters and coalescent filters, it cannot guarantee 100% clean air as oil is injected directly into the compression chamber to cool the compressor.

Key benefits of choosing an oil-free compressor:


No risk of contamination to air output giving you extra reassurance. The DH Series from CompAir is water-injected and so uses absolutely no oil anywhere in the compressor, giving it a certified class 0 rating.

Lower operating costs

As the compressor is oil-free, you can save on the cost of oil replacements as well as oil separators, downstream filtration equipment and condensate treatment accessories.

Environmentally friendly

In a world where everyone is looking to do their bit for the environment, you may consider choosing an oil free compressor as they are more compliant with international environmental regulations.

Low maintenance

As there is no oil and less moving parts, the work that is required to maintain the compressor is considerably less. With fewer potential areas for problems to occur, there is less need for them to be serviced as regularly.

Application uses:

Many industries have stringent health and safety regulations regarding air quality, for industries like these, a dry compressor will always deliver the best results.

Food and beverage

There are strict guidelines surrounding food safety that need to be adhered to. Oil-free compressors used for product handling, food filling machines, fluid pumps and other food manufacturing processes need to ensure no form of contamination occurs. Clean air can ensure healthy, better-tasting food that falls in line with brand standards and keeps customers happy!


Within this industry, safety and sterility are extremely important. Process air is used in direct contact with products for various tasks such as cleaning, aeration and product moving. For this reason, it is integral that air is clean to prevent contamination to the product. This results in higher quality products with greater purity and a lower rejection rate.


Compressed air is often used for PCB board cleaning or for pneumatic pick and place machines that convey sensitive components. Advanced technological equipment requires contaminate-free air to maintain the integrity of the system and reduce any risk of damage to expensive equipment and products.   

If you are unsure whether an oil-free compressor is right for you, experts at ACB North will be happy to discuss your business requirements and make professional recommendations on the best type of industrial compressor to suit your needs. We stock a variety of compressors from industry leader CompAir utilising scroll, piston, centrifugal and two-stage technologies. To find out more, contact specialists at ACB North today on 0114 398 4488 or fill out our online contact form.

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