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Air Compressor Oil – How to Choose

Air Compressor Oil – How to Choose
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ type of compressor oil.
  • The correct oil should always be used for the specific unit requirement to maximise efficiency.
  • A maintenance plan from ACB North can ensure your compressor continues to work effectively. 

You may not think that it matters what type of air compressor oil you use, but choosing the right one is extremely important! Every type of compressor will require a specific type of lubricant. If you are unsure about what type of oil best fits your type of compressor, be it piston, rotary screw or other, our team of expert engineers will be able to offer professional advice, guidance and support. Keeping your compressed air system running efficiently is what ACB North are here for.

What is the main purpose of oil in your compressor?

In lubricated models of compressors, oil is used to lubricate moving parts and keep them running smoothly during operation e.g. between the rotors in a screw compressor. This prevents risk of corrosion and premature wear to the individual compressor parts.

Another significant function of oil is to remove heat from the compression chamber. Oil cools down the process and is used to prevent overheating within the compressor. This is why oils can sometimes be referred to as ‘coolants’. Furthermore, oil also helps to create a seal to prevent air leakage.

Overall, oil is extremely important in lubricated machines as proper use can increase the life expectancy of your compressor and improve efficiency by preventing air leakage.

How to choose?

There are many different blends of compressor oil including synthetic and non-synthetic additives. Each unique blend is designed to achieve specific results. How you choose your oil is entirely dependent on your make and model, your application and the conditions in which your compressed air is produced.

It is important to consult the manufacturer’s guide and follow recommendations for optimal performance and results.

Genuine OEM oil

Genuine original equipment manufacturer oils are lubricants that are specifically formulated to be used in your brand, model and make of compressor. They are expertly engineered to be the perfect replacement oil to maintain the integrity of your system and meet your exact performance demands. They will be a unique blend of additives that are perfectly designed to keep your system running smoothly.

Choosing genuine compressor or pump oil guarantees a high quality blend that will perform effectively. Using genuine oil will help to extend the shelf life of your equipment and reduce the risk of damage to your system. A generic compressor oil may not have the relevant properties to keep your system at optimal performance. Trust ACB North for 100% genuine OEM oils.

What is the risk of choosing the wrong oil?

  • Shortened equipment lifetime
  • Increased energy costs
  • Insufficient lubrication of essential parts and components
  • Reduce sealing function creating risk of air leakage
  • Corrosion of internal metal parts
  • Potential system breakdown resulting in company downtime.

Always consult a professional, contact ACB North.

To ensure ongoing efficiency, reliable performance and fantastic results, it is always best to trust your compressed air operation to a professional. ACB North provide ongoing preventative maintenance packages to keep your operation in perfect condition. We can recommend when to change air compressor oil and what specific oil to use as well as monitoring your overall system and recommending ways to improve efficiency. For all of your compressed air needs, contact ACB North today. Call our freephone on 0114 398 4488 or fill out our online contact form here.

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